Key Business

With more than 15 years experiences in Malaysia as an expert in water and air pollution control, Kasui Techno has evolved to provide a full range of services which suit the local characteristics and satisfy local demands. As a joint venture of Japanese leading environmental business firm, we are able to provide reliable services with high quality but lower cost by adopting the system and technologies from Japan, in the meanwhile, fully utilizing local resources.
  (1) Industrial Wastewater Treatment
We welcome enquiries and provide consultations on wastewater treatment methodologies for industries to comply with the local discharge standard. We offer a cradle-to-grave service on your wastewater treatment plant, which includes Design & Planning Phase, Fabrication & Construction Phase, and Testing & Commissioning Phase. The major industries we have served include Electronic, Wafer, Plating, Automobile, Food and Raw Material Manufacturing industries.
(2) Waste Gas Treatment
We offer different types of scrubber system to treat dust, NOx, SOx and other waste gases depending on the local discharge standard. MORETANA® is a type of scrubber invented by Japan Headquarter to comply with strict air discharge regulation.
  (3) Water Treatment for Industrial Usage
Due to the high demand of purified water from manufacturing industries in Malaysia, we offer various types of water treatment devices and systems based on the requirement of clients. Ultrafiltration (UF) system, Deionized (DI) system and Reverse Osmosis (RO) system can fulfill your needs.
(4) Sewage/ Sanitary Wastewater Treatment
Direct discharge of untreated sewage/ sanitary wastewater causes river pollution and odor which affect the quality of our living environment. We can provide a proper treatment system which answer to your environmental and financial criteria.
  (5) Solid Waste Management
With high treatment costs for scheduled wastes in Malaysia, industries are looking for ways to reduce waste sludge. Whether it is to install a dehydration system to further reduce the volume of sludge, or the modification of your existing treatment plant, we can assist you to determine the most cost effective system.

(6) Maintenance & Servicing

  • Maintenance of existing wastewater treatment plant Kasui Techno Sdn. Bhd. Member of Fujikasui group
  • Modification of wastewater treatment plant caused by the alteration of incoming wastewater characteristic
  • Installation of piping and equipment
  • Tank cleaning service

(7) Equipment & Chemical Trading

  • Pumps, Agitators, Compressors, Boilers
  • Tanks, Vessels
  • Instruments
  • Chemicals for productions and wastewater treatment plants
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